ZEN is open and organic in its nature. A Japanese term with Buddhist and Taoist influences, Zen breathes its own presence. To see clearly into ones own being through meditation and self-inquiry forms an absolute wholeness of being. Observing the serene blue sky or enjoying the scent of a lovely rose, walking a dusty path or seeing the art of Christo, there Zen is, simple and pure.

The essence of our Zenlightment Studio is illumination, liberation and laughter. Within this realm we will practice meditation, yoga and art along with tea ceremonies while learning about koans, paradoxical riddles. Art workshops will range from some graceful brushwork to mandala studies along with poetry, journaling and dancing. Flexibility and free time is part of it all.

Zen yogas focus is proper physical alignment, energy awareness and meditation. Emptying ones mind to expand consciousness through meditation is key. There are no scriptures or dogma to follow, nor is it a belief system. It is a divine and direct transmission. Meditation helps smooth the wrinkles of existence through time and space. Insight, realization and actualizing Zen in day to day living is the kernel. It is through `enlightened masters` the threads of Zen have been woven into the fabric of existence.

We are all designed with de Light, therefore Enlightenment exists already within us, here and now. Self-inquiry through courage, curiosity and critical thinking helps actualize maturity, an essence of Enlightenment in my mind. There is no ambition. Just freedom. Perhaps that space between the spheres of our brain is where the merging of both reason and intuition can arouse the depth of our existence and grow roots of wisdom and compassion.

Yoga keeps you grounded ‧ Yet sweeps you off your feet

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