Reflexology is an art and science dating back thousands of years to ancient Egyptian culture.  Petroglyphs have been found showing people work on each others feet and hands. Ancient Chinese and Japanese disciplines emerged in the east as well long ago bringing more awareness of ones vital energy or Chi as it is also referred to.  In Japanese the word Ki is used for energy.  


Reflexes are responses to a stimulus which are nearly instantaneous or automatic. A reflex is made possible by neural pathways called a reflex arc which act on an impulse before it reaches the brain.


My studies were with the Internation Institute of Reflexology using the method  of the late Eunice Ingham known as `The Mother of Reflexology `. By mapping the feet and hands she found reflexes that correspond to all the glands, organs and different parts of the body. 


For a treatment an intake is given first to access the best care plan. The patient then sits in a recliner chair with their feet raised. Just being in this position lends itself to feeling more relaxed. The practitioner than uses pressure with their hands and primarily thumb to manipulate and or stimulate certain reflexes in ones feet. Sessions are highly individualized as to how long a treatment may be or what particular reflexes need attention. Why not treat your feet? When you feel good your immune system is enhanced!


Reflexology practice is designed to maintain homeostasis, relieve tension and improve circulation which keeps the body systems working at optimum efficiency. It is also a good adjunct to other therapies. For all the work we do standing, walking or running on our feet, they deserve some tender loving care. My experience is working with the feet primarily, although hands and ears are part of the study of reflexology as well.


The Firstep Always Leaves an Impression




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